THE MUSEUM MECHOLATON was established in 2007, with activity the operation of a museum of classic motorbikes, light duty motorcycles, wheeled, vehicles and related objects of historical and cultural value.

In the same year was established the  PETALODROMION, a museum with  classic bicycles which at the end of 2011 joined with  MECHOLATON .

However, the idea of creating the Museum was conceived many years earlier and had already triggered the research, collection and restoration of special objects.

The names of these two museums are compound words which were created to express the idea for their creation and operation, and the identity of the collections of their exhibits.

The museum MECHOLATON is the first museum which has been created  in Greece with central theme the bicycle and motorcycle as an object of art and culture.


Name derived from the composition of two ancient Greek words.

Etymology: [< machine + driven>]

1. equipment used for lifting weights ,  theatrical machine .

1. intrigue, drive, steer

Interpretation of the word MECHOLATON: Guide the machine.


Etymology: [<Pedal + Road>]

Interpretation of the word PETALODROMION: Road moving (construction) that have pedals.